Thanksgiving Baskets

Nothing says Thanksgiving more than turkey and mashed potatoes.  Unfortunately, having turkey, potatoes and all of the fixings is not a possibility for some of the families in our community.  This year, English Lutheran will continue the tradition of sharing Thanksgiving baskets with families in need within our community, so they too might sit down as a family to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. 

Turkey Baskets must be picked up on Saturday, Nov. 21, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm. 

We are not accepting donation items this year due to Covid.  We are accepting monetary donations. 

We are participating in a unique grant opportunity. In partnership with ELCA World Hunger, we are raising funds through an online giving platform to support our Thanksgiving Turkey Basket ministry during this public health crisis.


To kickstart our campaign, the funds we raise will be matched by ELCA World Hunger with a grant of $500. Donations are being accepted online now on our ELCA World Hunger Daily Bread Matching Grant fundraising page. Donations will be accepted through November 22.


Thank you for your generosity!

ELC Stewardship 2021: TOGETHER

FALL STEWARDSHIP CAMPAIGN: Together Through the Pandemic


Things sure have changed this year due to the pandemic. Now more than ever we need our faith and the togetherness of our church family to get us through this difficult period. During the past seven months we have sustained ourselves with online worship, outside parking lot worship and our own personal connection with God. Winter is fast approaching and the potential for this pandemic to further affect our lives and health is still a concern. We will need to continue supporting one another as never before, TOGETHER as one church.


We are so grateful for your continued gifts to our shared ministry, including a substantial increase in electronic giving. Your gifts have allowed us to continue much of our work during this time, even though the pandemic has made it more challenging to do in-person ministry and fundraising. The theme of this year's stewardship campaign is about TOGETHERNESS even though this pandemic has kept us physically apart. 


Please prayerfully consider your offering commitment for next year and additionally consider making a $100 gift before year-end to recognize the 100 year centennial of English Lutheran. We will use these additional gifts to support our local community i.e. ARC, Food Shelf, School Lunch Program, etc.  We need all of us TOGETHER to help us continue doing God’s work in the year ahead.


Please complete the 2021 Offering Commitment form that you will receive in the mail or click here and mail it back to the office by Friday, November 20, or you can submit your Offering Commitment using an online form at this link: 


TOGETHER, we can support each other through this difficult time. TOGETHER, we can answer God’s call to mission and ministry. TOGETHER, we can be spiritually united even when physically apart!  Thank you for partnering with us in God’s work!


In Christ,



Your Stewardship Committee & Pastor Jeff

Hiring: Music Director

English Lutheran Church in Ellsworth, WI (the cheese curd capital of the world!) is looking for a part-time, salaried, Music Director. We hope to find a passionate and faith-filled musician who is capable of accompanying our online and in-person traditional and contemporary Sunday worship services on piano, guitar or organ and who could direct our choir. However, we are open to breaking the role into separate positions, if necessary. Please contact Pastor Jeff Smith for more information at or call the church office at 715-273-4617.

Please pass this along to those you think may be interested.  Spread the word!


Worship with us Online!

Join us at 9:15 am Sunday mornings, for worship on Facebook.  Click on the Facebook Video icon for the service if you miss(ed) it.  No worries if you don't have Facebook - you can click "not now" to the pop-up box asking you to join, if it comes up.

Sunday School

With all of the uncertainty around gathering in-person in our world today, we wanted to be sure that Sunday school is still available to our children! So we're coming to you!!

Mailing Kits

We are sending out a Sunday school kit to each child enrolled in Sunday school every month of this school year. The kits will include activities, figurines (parts to a set that you will receive some characters of each month), lessons, outreach for the kids, and a reading/booklet for the story. 


We will also hold a monthly zoom class for the children if they are able to log in. We'd love to check in with the children, review the items they've received in the kit, and do a very short lesson/ask them a few questions.  Watch for an email with the log-in information if you are registered for Sunday school.

In-Person Sunday School

We are not ruling out in-person Sunday school and would still love to see your children in church, however with the changes in Covid in our community, we want to be sure the kids can still count on getting Sunday school every month, regardless of the current situation with in-person classes and your family's comfort level gathering with others. We will certainly communicate with you all when/if we're able to meet in person.


You can register now and we will get the kits headed to your home!  Click below and complete the online registration.


There is no cost at all! This is FREE to all! We have been blessed with funding for our program and are excited to bring Sunday school right to your door at no cost to you.

Our Sunday School includes children ages 3 through grade 6.  


Please contact the church office to be added to our contact list if you are interested in Sunday school.

Youth House

On October 12, 2020 the Congregational Council held a special meeting to address the future of the Youth House. The Property Committee had determined that the house was in immediate need of a new roof and new siding. They followed up with getting bids for both items as well as bids for possible demolition of the building.  The lowest bids for replacing the roof and siding came in at a total of $22,000. The bids for demolition included the Ellsworth Fire Department using the building for training and burning the house for free and approximately $12,000 to dig out the foundation and fill in the hole. The Council considered the following options:


  1. Replacing the roof and siding and using the building as the Youth House. After some discussion the Council concluded that the building is not the best venue for youth activities related to challenges supervising youth activities on three floors and that existing space in the church could be used for youth programs.

  2. Replacing the roof and siding and using the building as rental property. The consensus was that we did not want to be put in the position of being “landlords” for an extended length of time. 

  3. Replacing the roof and siding and using the building as potential housing for a youth leader or music director. This would require renting the house until either of those possibilities materialized and that this was not considered a viable option.

  4. Selling the property was discussed but rejected due to not having control over anything that would happen on or near our property. 

  5. Demolishing the property and having that land available as possible additional green or recreation space (like a playground) or parking lot expansion.


After considering the options the Council decided that the best choice was to go ahead with demolishing the house, letting the Ellsworth Fire Department use it for training and removing the foundation and filling in the hole. The consensus was that none of the options related to replacing the roof and siding were in the best interests of the Congregation or the youth program and that savings from using the less expensive option could be used for potential improvements within the church building for youth programs and the congregation as a whole.  The Council is still committed to supporting and developing a strong youth program and will continue working on that.

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes are taking place online now for students in grades 7 through 9.  Completion of your confirmation classes takes place in your 10th grade year culminating with the Affirmation of Baptism service.  Please contact Pastor Jeff for further information.

Check out our Youth Ministry page for the confirmation registration form and other documents you need for confirmation.

Tech Help Needed

Ever wanted to create a movie? Good with computers? Willing to learn? I’ve learned a lot these last five months doing online worship out of necessity. But, I’m wondering if anyone in the congregation would be interested in helping with, being part of a team, or leading the charge, recording and editing our online worship services in the future so I can reclaim some time each week and get back to work on other important areas of ministry. Ability to use iMovie would be most helpful, but any movie-making software would work. Interested or have questions/suggestions? Contact Pastor Jeff.

Church Office Hours

Wednesdays ~ Noon - 8:00 pm

Thursday ~  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Other days will be worked from home. Please email or call the church office for any needs/questions you have.

Helpful Resources

We will post resources we think may be good reads or helpful to you.



  1. Families with children:​

    1. Faith Finders ~ YouTube videos for the family with a Bible lesson and nature/magic/science fun.

    2. Faith 5 - Faith practices to use in your home

    3. Family Faith Nights - Receive the FREE Family Faith Nights email series.  Sample weekly lesson.

  2. All

    1. Hearts @ Home- A home worship resource from our synod

    2. Northwest Synod of WI Worship & Faith Formation at Home

    3. Vibrant Faith @ Home - Each program is a fully designed session developed in three movements - Gather, Grow, and Go Forth - using Vibrant Faith at Home activities as the building blocks for the design.

  3. Community

    1. Pierce County Covid Dashboard

    2. Pierce County Public Health

    3. Pierce County Public Health Face Book Page


If you would like printed worship/devotional resources mailed to you. please email the church office at

Women's Bible Study

After talking with our group and Pastor Jeff, we have decided that for now, we will not have our monthly Bible study. However, those of you who receive the Gather Magazine, can find interesting articles, along with the monthly study.



Electronic Giving

Did you know we offer electronic giving?  You can make a one-time, weekly, monthly, or semimonthly donation.  Donations can be changed at any time.  You can use your credit card or have funds moved directly from your bank account.  We offer a variety of ways to set this up:

~ Forms are available online and at church, return form to the church office.

~ Scan the QR code found in the church pews.

~ Set up giving online by going to “Giving” on our church website.

~ Text 844-912-2195 for a one time gift.

~ Download the GivePlus app to make a one time or recurring contribution.

Sharing Shed

English Lutheran Church has a “Sharing Shed.”  This is a place you can come to drop off items you wish to donate to someone in need.  Donations accepted are listed below.  No electronics, only necessities.  Our shed is a small garden shed, so smaller items only, no furniture.  Thank you for your generosity!


It is also a place you can come to take items you are in need of.  There is no charge and no strings attached.  The shed is not locked and can be accessed at any time.  The Sharing Shed is located just outside the back entrance of the church.  Please feel free to help yourself at any time.


Items available include:

            Basic Necessities

            Seasonal Apparel

            Seasonal Supplies

            Miscellaneous Items

Prayer Shawls

If you have a loved one who is going through a tough time and could use the comfort of being wrapped in prayers with a blanket/shawl, you may provide a prayer shawl for them.

Please contact the church office if you need a shawl.   There is no cost for the shawl.

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Sunday Worship Service

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Live Online at 8:30 am



Sunday School

Kits & Monthly Zoom Online

Confirmation Classes

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