Youth House Demolition

On October 12, 2020 the Congregational Council held a special meeting to address the future of the Youth House. The Property Committee had determined that the house was in immediate need of a new roof and new siding. They followed up with getting bids for both items as well as bids for possible demolition of the building.  The lowest bids for replacing the roof and siding came in at a total of $22,000. The bids for demolition included the Ellsworth Fire Department using the building for training and burning the house for free and approximately $12,000 to dig out the foundation and fill in the hole. The Council considered the following options:

Replacing the roof and siding and using the building as the Youth House. After some discussion the Council concluded that the building is not the best venue for youth activities related to challenges supervising youth activities on three floors and that existing space in the church could be used for youth programs.

Replacing the roof and siding and using the building as rental property. The consensus was that we did not want to be put in the position of being “landlords” for an extended length of time. 

Replacing the roof and siding and using the building as potential housing for a youth leader or music director. This would require renting the house until either of those possibilities materialized and that this was not considered a viable option.

Selling the property was discussed but rejected due to not having control over anything that would happen on or near our property. 

Demolishing the property and having that land available as possible additional green or recreation space (like a playground) or parking lot expansion.

After considering the options the Council decided that the best choice was to go ahead with demolishing the house, letting the Ellsworth Fire Department use it for training and removing the foundation and filling in the hole. The consensus was that none of the options related to replacing the roof and siding were in the best interests of the Congregation or the youth program and that savings from using the less expensive option could be used for potential improvements within the church building for youth programs and the congregation as a whole.  The Council is still committed to supporting and developing a strong youth program and will continue working on that.


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